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I am so grateful to have students back in school! As a faculty and staff, we have prepared as best we can to make the transition back to school as smooth and welcoming as possible. Thank you all so much for the patience and helpfulness you’ve shared with us. It truly has become a community effort to get the schools opened and prepared to stay open through the year.

The school theme for the year is “Stay on the Road”. This message is meant to encourage each of us to remember that our focus is to provide a solid education for our students, even in difficult times such as these. Masks, handwashing, distancing, and such are necessary, and we could let ourselves get sidetracked with complaining or stressing about them. But we’re not going to let ourselves do that. We will keep focusing ourselves and our children on the wonder of learning.

I am hopeful that we will have a fantastic year, in spite of the pandemic, and our resilient children will continue to learn, grow, and become the amazing people that we know they are.

Have a fantastic new school year!