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Rock Canyon Elementary School

On Friday the 5th graders here at Rock Canyon had the chance to spend their well earned money at the colonial store!

Throughout the school year our students have the chance to earn money in many different ways! Some ways they can earn money is through…

  • being a GREAT student
  • turning in their homework on time
  • not being late to school
  • answering questions or helping out around the classroom

and MUCH MUCH more!

The students also have the chance to lose money when they have to “pay” their teacher or whoever they’re working with when they have to go to the bathroom, get a drink from the water fountain, or not following the classroom rules.

Our students love earning as much money as they can and they are VERY good at trying to save up as much money as they can!

So, on Friday all the 5th graders brought in stuff like toys, books, food, snacks, etc. and had the chance to sell it to one another to earn even more money!

We love being able to see our students wanting to do good so they can earn money and then use their money in a responsible and resourceful way!


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