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Rock Canyon Elementary School

Last modified: April 12, 2023

STEM Science

Tuesday: 1st-6th Grades–STEM Lab  Ends: May 9  Instructor:  Hector Lugo

Thursday:  1st-6th Grades–STEM Lab  Ends: May 11  Instructor:  Nadine Lugo Salas

Our STEM Science class is a fun, engaging, hands-on class.  Students are encouraged to develop their skills through activities as they learn the science behind the projects.  Some of the topics they have explored include:

Science:  Studying life on the International Space Station, studying bones (including decomposing bones), making volcanoes, slime and elephant toothpaste.

Technology:  Making stop-motion video, learning coding, exploring with Google Glasses and Makey Makey.

Engineering:  Making marble mazes, bottle rockets and catapults.

Math:  Giant Blokus game and making an abacus and learning how to use it.

Making Elephant Toothpast