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Last modified: February 27, 2020


Our After School Martial Arts class is in its 18th year. We have students who started this program as kindergartners who have advanced through the program and are now black belts instructing the class.  Students are trained in the Korean Martial Art of Hapkido. Master Jay Nicol is the head instructor of the class and holds a 5th degree black belt in Won Jin Hapkido. We have many older students in the class who are black belts and black belt candidates. They are required to teach as a part of their black belt advancement, which gives the younger students in the class the opportunity to have one-on-one instruction.  Our instructors this year are 2nd and 3rd degree black belts.

Beginners Class-Testing Day

Class Focus: The purpose of the class is to build and strengthen the student’s self-confidence, focus, discipline, respect for self and others. The student will learn leadership skills, self-defense, physical fitness, and progress in Won Jin Hapkido. The ultimate goal is to have the students become proficient enough to achieve a black belt rank in Won Jin Hapkido, but most of all, we love to have fun.

Masters Kristen Santa Maria and John Swenson are the instructors.

Testing Day: Beginners Class Video            Receiving Belt Advancement