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Last modified: December 10, 2019

Concert Choir

Join us for a Campfire

Concert Choir is looking for a few, new, good students who love to sing and learn and get up early two mornings a week for rehearsals!  Students who are in the 4th, 5th and 6th grades qualify.  There are no auditions.  This is a performance group that will be performing a Winter and Spring concert.  This choir continues throughout the entire year.  If your student is thinking about trying choir and then dropping out if they don’t like it–please don’t sign up.  It is a pretty big commitment to get to rehearsal two mornings a week at 7:30am.  Parents, if your student joins, then wants to quit midway, please encourage them to finish the year if possible and then not sign up next year.

Choir students who participated last year are encouraged to sign up again!  These students are in-tune singers and will be good mentors to the younger choir members.

I look forward to begin/continue working with your exceptional students!

Susan Quebbeman

A Night of Singing -17 May 2019

Selections from the Winter Concert-14 Dec 2018:

Rock Canyon Elementary students are waking up early to come together and sing in Ms. Quebbeman’s choir.

Susan Quebbeman begins the early morning choir class at 7:30 a.m. twice a week and welcomes everyone from the 4th-6th grade to join. The choir sings various genres of music, with everything from classical to international folk music. Ms. Quebbeman also challenges her students to sing in foreign languages. So far the choir has sung songs in Japanese, German, Latin, Italian, and Spanish.

The choir was started 12 years ago, but many of the traditions have been passed down over the past years. One of these traditions is the “Early Bird Song”, which was composed by one of the past choirs. The lyrics include “we are the on-time kids, the early-bird kids”. The song helps the students to warm up their voices before singing their repertoire for the day.

We love to see our students thrive from our music programs. Great job to the Rock Canyon choir members for waking up early to make beautiful music!