We at Rock Canyon have some new faces and we are so happy they are here. Today we are doing our new teacher feature on MISS BOURNE, one of our sixth grade teachers!

She just graduated in April from Western Governors University with her Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies (K-8).

Miss Bourne love to perform, which includes singing, dancing, and acting. She has been in 10 shows throughout her life and is currently in one now!

She LOVES Dr. Pepper, dark chocolate, and Sweet Pork Burritos from Cafe rio.

She was born in Banff, Canada but has lived in Utah since she was one, so she is a dual citizen.

Miss Bourne is the 4th of 6 kids, with a full family of 11 and she has the cutes little nephew, Oliver!

Her perfect rainy day is making chocolate chip cookies and listening to some old class, jazz tunes like Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, etc.

We love having Miss Bourne here and we know her students love having her too! Welcome to Rock Canyon, we are so glad you’re part of our family!