Marathon-in-a-Month begins on Aug. 25. The PTA has added a fundraiser to this great tradition for this school year. Raise money for our school while you walk/ jog/run/skip/hop 26 miles in the next month! Students can get donations from family and friends in many ways: by the mile, complete the marathon, or for just doing the best they can. Funds will go to support PTA activities this year, teacher support, and a special donation to the BYU Simmons Center for Cancer Research. Donations can be made by cash or check in the school office until September 26. If we reach our school goal, the BYU Dunk Team will come perform during the Fun Run assembly on Sept 27! We want this to be a great community-building experience for our students. So have your kids strap on their sneakers to help our school and learn how amazing it feels to contribute to their community! Check our social media and school website for updates. We greatly appreciate all your support!