Hello Parents of Kindness Club students,

We meet this Wednesday! All kindness club students should have received their kindness club shirt. Please remind them to wear their club shirt this Wednesday. Your student(s) will meet in the Rock Canyon Elementary Gym after school from 3:20pm-4:00pm this Wednesday December 1st.

Because we have about 70 students in the club, I really need your help! — Children will exit the school from the gym/cafeteria doors (behind the school) — Parents cannot walk through the school to pick up their child but can meet them behind the school (outside) — Pickup your child at 4pm (after school) — Because we don’t want students wandering the halls, we’re not allowing students to walk through the school hallways but will have them exit the gym doors (behind the school). They can walk around the school to the front or parents can meet their students in the back of the school (by the basketball hoops).

Please check out the kindness club website here https://bitly.com/provohope (under the tab Kindness club). Also, if you have any questions or feel free to contact me.

Sincerely, Rebecca Bishop

P.S. Please save the dates: These are the dates Kindness club will be held on: December 1st January 5th February 9th March 2nd April 13th