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Mrs Murray’s Kindergarten class were lucky enough to have their grandparents join them in class today! The students loved being able to show their grandparents what Kindergarten is all about. They were able to read stories, color, take pictures, and play together! We think they probably would love to have their grandparents come to school with them everyday!

Día de los Abuelos - Clase de Kinder de la Sra. Murray

La clase de Kindergarten de la Sra. Murray ha enido la suerte de que sus abuelos les acompañaran hoy en clase. A los alumnos les ha encantado poder enseñar a sus abuelos en qué consiste el Kindergarten. Han podido leer cuentos, colorear, hacer fotos y jugar juntos. Creemos que probablemente les encantaría que sus abuelos vinieran a la escuela con ellos odos los días.

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Here is what our calendar looks like this week! Wednesday, 10/4 - Kindness Club @3:30 pm in the gym! Friday, 10/6 - 5th Grade Colonial Days - 9:00 am - 11:45 am Friday, 10/6 - Friday Early...

Overall Girls Winners 1st: Clara King 2nd: Paige Harmon 3rd: Megan Mitton Overall Boys Winners 1st: Caleb Elder 2nd: Micah Bott 3rd: Noah Smith Kindergarten Girls...

A look into the STEM lab with one of our 6th grade classes! This activity was from their second week working on these towers.  For this assignment, the students learned about how to build towers and...