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Provo City School District

Rock Canyon Elementary School

Overall Girls Winners

  • 1st: Clara King
  • 2nd: Paige Harmon
  • 3rd: Megan Mitton

Overall Boys Winners

  • 1st: Caleb Elder
  • 2nd: Micah Bott
  • 3rd: Noah Smith

Kindergarten Girls

  • 1st: Lucy Biddulph
  • 2nd: Phoebe Wing
  • 3rd: Maddie Tingey

Kindergarten Boys

  • 1st: Jonathan King
  • 2nd: Shabuchan Sugahara
  • 3rd: Brooks Perotti

1st Grade Girls

  • 1st: Jane Kerry
  • 2nd: Valiea Aston
  • 3rd: Nile Harmon

1st Grade Boys

  • 1st: Bennett Cusick
  • 2nd: Madsen Haderlie
  • 3rd: Cody Runia

2nd Grade Girls

  • 1st: Rollin Kloward
  • 2nd: Millie Wolfindin
  • 3rd: Sylvie Gillings

2nd Grade Boys

  • 1st: Chip Hydrick
  • 2nd: Henry Warren
  • 3rd: Issac Schiffman

3rd Grade Girls

  • 1st: Paige Harmon
  • 2nd: Helen King
  • 3rd: Ava Hartman

3rd Grade Boys

  • 1st: Jack Currey
  • 2nd: Davis Cusick
  • 3rd: Wataru Onda

4th Grade Girls

  • 1st: Nikell Lewis
  • 2nd: Kate Boulton
  • 3rd: Addy Myers

4th Grade Boys

  • 1st: Gus Hydrick
  • 2nd: Max Drake
  • 3rd: Matthew Reeves

5th Grade Girls

  • 1st: Clara King
  • 2nd: Zaeda Woodward
  • 3rd: Olivia Openshaw

5th Grade Boys

  • 1st: Noah Smith
  • 2nd: Kase Kloward
  • 3rd: Simon Smith

6th Grade Girls

  • 1st: Megan Mitton
  • 2nd: Lee Harmon
  • 3rd: Mallory Lewis

6th Grade Boys

  • 1st: Caleb Elder
  • 2nd: Micah Bott
  • 3rd: Ben Morris

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