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Rock Canyon Elementary School

If you were to walk down the first grade hallway, you would not see ONE SINGLE TURKEY! Well they are technically turkeys but, they aren’t turkeys you normally would see because these turkeys are in disguise!

Our first grade students came up with their own disguise for their turkey because they don’t want their turkey to be chosen and eaten! Not only did they disguise their turkey, they wrote about why you shouldn’t eat their turkey.

We have some REALLY talented first grade students and we all loved getting to see each of their creativity coming out!


These gingerbread people are making our halls ready for the holidays! Thanks 5th grade for the fun...

Congratulations to our 9 Reflections winners for this year! All of their entries were so creative. The theme for this year was, “I am hopeful because…”. You can find all the winners’ pictures...

Our 6th Graders did a fabulous job in their Greek Plays! They worked so hard to memorize all of their lines and it was just so fun to see all of their hard work pay...