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Last modified: May 28, 2020

Language Arts

This year you can plan on reading some fantastic books, becoming a great writer, and learning more about how our language works.


Each student is required to read 9 books throughout the school year. We will learn about a different genre each month. They will need to read 1 book each month. They must choose books that are at least 200 pages, and the books must be pre-approved by Mrs. Pancake. The students must choose books that they have not read before. In order for students to complete the books, they need to read at least 30 minutes each night. Upon completion of each book, they must take an AR (Accelerated Reader) test.

Monthly Genres

  • August – Student Choice
  • September – Fantasy
  • October – Mystery
  • November – Traditional Literature
  • December – Poetry
  • January – Realistic Fiction
  • February – Science Fiction
  • March – Biography
  • April – Historical Fiction
  • May – Informational

Spelling and Vocabulary

Each week students will be given a new spelling and vocabulary list. We will take a pre-test on Mondays and a post test on Fridays. Please practice these words each night with your student.


Every 9 weeks will be learning a different writing style. The students will be required to write one piece patterned after that writing style.