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Rock Canyon Elementary School

Last modified: November 13, 2019

Classroom Policies and Procedures

Personal Belongings: Please have your child clearly mark their coat, backpack, and lunch box with their name. This helps us to more easily locate lost or misplaced items here at school. Please do not allow your child to bring items from home (especially electronics; headphones) that do not belong at school. They can be very disruptive to our learning environment and are easily broken or misplaced.

As per school policy, students at Rock Canyon are not allowed to use cell phones at school. Phones should be “Off and Away, All Day” including lunch and recess. First interruption, the student will be reminded. The second interruption, the phone will be sent to the office for a parent/guardian to pick up, and the third interruption gets the phone sent to Mr. Hansen for you to pick up from him. Thank you for helping your student respect appropriate cell phone etiquette.

Students should also not wear hats or hoods in our building during school hours.

Homework: It is critical to your child’s success that he or she completes all assigned homework. You can plan on daily math & reading (20-30 min) homework and periodic other assigned work or projects.

Plan to check PowerSchool frequently with your student to ensure he/she is not getting behind in classwork and homework. All missing assignments are clearly marked and will turn to a zero when the deadline has passed. Your student logs into PowerSchool every Friday during Technology class to check their work, so they are proficient at logging in and can do this from home.

Absences/Absent Work/Tardies: While I understand important matters may prevent your child from attending school, please make every effort to have them here and on time each day. If at all possible, please schedule vacations and trips during our school holidays or over summer vacation. It is difficult for me to prep work for absent children days in advance. Your child can plan on picking up their make-up work when they return to school, and they will have additional time to complete it before it will be considered late. It is the student’s responsibility to get the missing work from the appropriate teachers or team mates and copy any notes they missed. Missed content/lessons cannot be retaught.

Students will be marked tardy if they are not in the classroom by the 8:40 bell. Math begins promptly at 8:45 so all students need to be in class and ready to learn on time.

Birthdays: You are welcome to send a store-bought birthday treat for your child to share with the class if you would like.  We currently have 29 students.  We typically share these treats at some point in the morning.

Band/Orchestra Instruments:

Your student is expected to deliver his/her instrument to their respective classrooms prior to the start bell for school on music days, and then pick up again after school. Help your student allow enough time for this process before school so he/she will not be tardy.

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