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5th grade had their Colonial Days and our students looked FANTASTIC! There were 7 different activities that the students rotated through. 1) Story & Snack – Mrs. Paxman read a colonial story to the students while they were able to listen and enjoy some snacks and apple juice. 2) School Master (Principal Hansen makes for a great School Master)- Students wrote Colonial stories and then were required to memorize and recite a portion of a story  3) Day in the Life – students learned different colonial games, were able to play them, and learned what it would have been like to live back in the colonial times.  4) Cat’s Cradle – students were able to learn how to do the art of Cat’s Cradle and practice with one another 5) Quilting – after all of the groups finished working on their quilts, they completed 5 quilts to donate! 6) Soap Carving – students brought a bar of soap and were able to carve it into whatever they wanted. We saw boats, animals, initials and many more things! 7) Dancing – students were able to learn traditional colonial dances.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this such a great day for our 5th Graders. They were beaming throughout!

Mrs. Paxman reading a story and students eating snacks girls in their colonial clothing Students quilting students learning cat's cradle girls quilting student learning colonial time games. Principal Hansen being the school master.


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